You can help families in Alugude and Durbe, Ethiopia gain access to clean water

HOPE International Development Agency UK is presently raising funds to provide clean water for Alugude and Durbe, a village in the Bonke region of southern Ethiopia.

The community of Alugude and Durbe have approached HOPE for help with providing a local water system.  They are willing to provide local material and labour as well as leadership and ongoing maintenance, but need HOPE's experience, acquired over 30 years of working in the region, to construct a system that will last for years.  The community of 1,986 people also need partners here in the UK who are willing to invest in their health and self-reliance.

At present the people of Alugude and Durbe suffer greatly due to a lack of clean water.  Women and girls typically travel 3-4 hours to fetch possibly contaminated water from ponds, rivers, and unprotected springs. Dirty water means sickness, wasted time, missed school and lost hope. This makes it impossible for community in Alugude and Durbe to meet their full potential and locks them in a cycle of poverty.

With your help, clean water can end this.


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