HOPE International Development Agency UK is presently raising funds to provide clean water for Zala Dola, a rural village in southern Ethiopia.

Since 2010 HOPE has provided clean water to 81,000 people in the Bonke district of southern Ethiopia, bringing safe water access up to 53%. However, we have more to do! Helping families access clean, nearby water is a simple solution to many problems. Mothers and children can have improved health, increased access to education, increased ability to grow more food and increased time for pursing income-generating activities when they do not need to spend hours each day collecting non-potable water.

WITH YOUR HELP, CLEAN WATER CAN bring a new future

With over 35 years of experience working in Ethiopia, HOPE highly values a sustainable approach. In Zala Dola, we plan to cap two springs and build a gravity-fed water system; it will use local, natural springs and, of vital importance, will involve the community in the implementation of the project to build participation and ownership. Comprehensive health, hygiene and sanitation education will also be taught to all 1,484 people, including the 1,545 pupils at the two local schools for the area.

Bringing clean water to this village will result in reducing diseases related to waterborne parasites and cutting water collection time to just 10 minutes, enabling children to go to school and their parents to have time for income-generating projects. HOPE's follow-up investment of teaching women applied savings and lending principles, equips them to earn needed money. As a result, this new water system will create a transformational change in health, as well as education and household income.

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