Clean water is saving lives in Zazye, Ethiopia

Work began on the Kecho spring in October 2014 that has brought clean water to the community of Zazye, Ethiopia.

In August 2014, HOPE International Development Agency UK secured a £10,000 grant in support of efforts to bring clean water to families in the community of Zazye, Ethiopia, a village of more than 1,000 people. 

“This is our first successful grant application and it's a major development for us as a charity,’ states Chris Haywood, Chair of the HOPE International Development Agency UK Board of Trustees. “It has proven to be a worthwhile investment of time in securing the funding and has been key in sharpening our grant-writing skills which we plan to use again in the near future to support our efforts to bring clean water to as many families as possible.” 

Upon hearing about the successful grant application, HOPE International Development Agency's Ethiopia Director, Frehiwot Alebachew, responded, “Thank you for your hard work and strong dedication in supporting needy people in Ethiopia. We now have the opportunity to bring clean drinking water to yet another vulnerable community. In rural Ethiopia, access to clean water is the number one problem for women and children. Today, they walk 2 hours or more to collect water. The containers women use to carry water back to their villages can weigh up to 20 kilograms (44 pounds)! We are so pleased that we can now help this hard life end for another community!” 

The grant from the Waterloo Foundation (a foundation that gives annually to development efforts worldwide), combined with money raised throughout the year in the UK and additional support from HOPE International Development Agency Japan, meant that clean water was available to families in the village of Zazye by the end of 2014.