Be inspired by the work of HOPE UK

Since 2002 volunteers in the UK have played a key role in fundraising to enable the work of HOPE International Development Agency UK.

People approach the work of HOPE International Development Agency UK in many different ways. Regardless of how they join the HOPE UK family, each person experiences the same feeling of inspiration knowing that their participation is changing lives in Ethiopia. 


"Why host a HOPE Gig?  Well, I had huge admiration for all the people at Hope who achieve what, once upon a time, must have seemed unthinkable with the work they do.  And I confess that hosting a HOPE Gig also allows you the irresistible combination of buffing your halo while you are effectively organising a gathering of friends with a great band. Try it and be amazed at yourself and everybody else.  And then be amazed at how the little something that you do, turns into a big something with hope."

"I've always wanted to do something for someone that would really make a difference to their lives and getting involved in HOPE did this. This opportunity came at a time in my life when I began to think about my consumption with my everyday needs, including water. I've been greatly blessed in my life, so it is only right to give back what I can." 

"I’d attended a HOPE house gig before and thought they were such a good idea as a way of bringing people together and showcasing talented musicians, as well as raising money. Organising one at my own home was really easy, thanks to the support offered by Julie. The evening ended up being very special, with performances from musicians young and old, and a wonderful mixture of guests. I’ve been made to realise since that it’s not just the money raised on the night that is important to Hope; what also matters is that the guests gain an awareness of the important work that the charity does." 

"I joined HOPE UK thinking that it was solely a water charity delivering clean water to those living in the remotest part of Ethiopia. What I learnt was that it was much more than that. It is a charity concerned with the welfare of people, individual people trying to live a better quality of life. HOPE UK is a charity that cares about water, health, gender equality, education, children and self-sustainability. A group of friends including myself decided to take part in a fundraising challenge hosted by Global Giving with a target of raising £2,500 from 50 unique donors. We had lots of ideas at the start of the challenge and made plans to get a lot of them off the ground. For anyone wishing to raise money, my advice would be to keep it simple. Start with a small thing and I assure you it will grow from there! Concentrate on one thing and do it well and you will be rewarded!"

"I agreed with friends to participate in the Neolithic Marathon and thought this would be a great opportunity to get sponsorship for a charity. I thought I might as well ask a few friends to help me support HOPE's work. I didn't realise how easy this would be. When I mentioned I was raising money for water projects in Africa, people were literally throwing money at me, quick to support the cause. People had seen adverts on the tele and wanted to help. I went from just asking a few friends to asking everyone – family, neighbours, friends, plus members of groups and clubs I am a part of. In the end I had over 100 people make donations to HOPE, raising about £1000, over double what I expected. Whilst walking those long 26.2 miles it made we aware of how far some of those girls have to walk whilst carrying a heavy load of water. Just walking that far was enough for me! It motivated me that HOPE would invest the money raised in bringing water to a community so that young girls won't need to do this much longer and instead will soon have local access to clean, safe water."

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