Staff & Trustees


Chris Haywood, Chairman 

Chris has been involved fundraising and supporting HOPE UK for many years as a result of personal friends encouraging him and his wife to get involved in their mad fundraising schemes to contribute to the valuable development work that HOPE UK supports in Ethiopia. After many years of such association, Chris became a trustee in 2011 and subsequently Chairman in 2012, working with the Company Secretary to plan and chair trustee meetings, provide direction and take a lead on strategy as well as ensuring collective decision making is robust. “I am involved with HOPE UK because I believe its development-focused objectives and am convinced of its effectiveness having witnessed the impact of the work first hand in Ethiopia in 2008.” A Podiatrist by profession and an experienced NHS Manager over a period of 23 years, Chris is now a Vicar in the Church of England. In his free time he can be found indulging his combined passions of photography and walking.


Clarissa Poulson, Trustee and Company Secretary 

Clarissa has been a trustee and Company Secretary since 2007. She is responsible for ensuring statutory compliance and financial management and reporting. Clarissa works for an international development consultancy where she manages British Government funding to organisations running projects in developing countries, so also brings valuable professional experience to the Board. Clarissa is involved with HOPE UK because she has seen the difference that safe, clean water supplies make to rural communities and particularly to women: all of us can do something to address global social injustice. When her mind is not overseas, Clarissa enjoys singing, her garden, playing an active part in her local church and of course her wonderful (large!) family.


Rosanna Armstrong, Trustee 

Two of Rosie's proudest achievements have been while raising money for HOPE UK, when she walked 40 miles in 12 hours as part of the Keswick to Barrow challenge in the Lake District, and when she participated in The Great Ethiopia Run - a 10 km high altitude run in Addis Ababa. The Great Ethiopia Run was a precursor to an incredible 10 days spent visiting HOPE projects in Southern Ethiopia and seeing first hand the impact that clean water and the accompanying support that HOPE gives can make. It was after these challenges that she was delighted to become a trustee in 2010. As Media Relations Manager for a FTSE 100 company, she provides advice and counsel on HOPE UK's communications. She lives in London with her husband and daughter.


Cliff Dick, Trustee

Cliff Dick has been involved in HOPE's development work abroad for over three decades. He brings a worldwide perspective and updates from the other HOPE partners to HOPE UK's work. In addition to living in Ethiopia and managing the water projects there for a period, Cliff has been running HOPE USA since 2007.



Julie Cole, Fundraiser 

Julie started working for HOPE UK in November 2013 as a part-time fundraiser/administrator. The focus of Julie's fundraising for HOPE UK is varied - meeting with individuals, schools, churches and companies as well as liaising with trusts and foundations. She also supports HOPE volunteers in their fundraising efforts as well. Julie was familiar with HOPE's work for many years through friends, but it was after her first trip to Africa in 2012 that she started to search for a way to personally address issues of poverty in the developing world. Julie's desire is to inform and connect people to HOPE's work so that they also might make a meaningful difference in the lives of people in Ethiopia. Julie lives in Bristol with her husband and two daughters.