Frequently Asked Questions about HOPE UK

How much of my donation goes to administration costs?
On average for every £1 donated we send 88p direct to Ethiopia. The remaining 12p is spent on administration, education and fundraising (average over the previous five years). 

What are your main sources of funding?
Our main source of funding comes from donations from the general public - regular and one-off donors, community events, sponsored events/challenges and community groups and schools. In May 2016 HOPE UK received a Community Grant from Global Giving for a special project working with 200 women in a community that has received access to clean water, teaching them basic business skills.  In 2014, we also received a grant from a well known UK-based foundation for a specific water project which was repeated in 2016 for another water project.  We are always looking to develop relationships with business, schools, churches and community groups to further our mission. 

Where are your offices?
HOPE's head office is in Canada but in the UK our fundraiser is based in Bristol. Our volunteers are based throughout the country and our trustees are in London,Leicestershire and the USA. HOPE also has offices in Australia, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Myanmar, New Zealand and the United States of America. For contact information, please refer to our Contact Us page. 

How are you governed?

HOPE UK currently has four trustees, all of whom have served in this voluntary capacity for several years and have long-standing involvement with HOPE as supporters and fund-raisers. The Board meets three to four times a year. Its annual report and financial statements are Independently Examined by Wilkins Kennedy LLP, in London.

Are you a registered charitable organization?
We are a registered charity in the UK - no 1094573 - and a registered Company. This means we are governed by both Charity and Company law.

Are you a religious organisation?
We were founded by people who were motivated by their Christian faith to help people in need everywhere. We believe in the worth, equality and interdependence of all people. We extend assistance to the poorest of the poor without discrimination as to the religious beliefs of the beneficiaries. 

How are you accountable?
We are audited annually by an external audit company and we comply with the requirements outlined in UK charity law. Similarly, our HOPE partners in Ethiopia (HIDA) are also audited annually and are required to comply by Ethiopian Charity laws. 

How long have you been in operation?
HOPE International Development Agency was founded in Canada in 1975. HOPE UK became a separate UK-based charity in 2002. 

How can I learn more about your projects on a regular basis?

You can read more about our recent projects on our website, sign up to receive our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.