About Us

HOPE International Development Agency exists to improve the supply of basic human necessities for the neediest of the needy in the developing world through self-help activities, and to challenge, involve and educate those living in the developed world regarding development issues.

HOPE believes that all people, regardless of their geographical setting, have basic rights and should be given the opportunity to achieve their potential. Basic needs such as clean water, food, shelter, health, work, recreation, socio-economic independence, and education are seen by HOPE as being fundamental human rights upon which growth can occur. HOPE is dedicated to working alongside poor communities, helping set up programs which enable people to cultivate their skills and knowledge, taking advantage of existing resources (when available) to develop self-reliance. With this in mind, the majority of HOPE's energies and resources are expended in favour of development rather than relief. 

HOPE's reason for existing is rooted in its Christian principles and origins. Its commitment to helping the poor arises not only out of a sympathetic heart towards the needy, but also in the worth of mankind as created by God. HOPE is motivated by the mandates for justice and compassion as demonstrated in the life of Jesus Christ. Following Christ's example, HOPE extends assistance to the poorest of the poor without discrimination as to the religious beliefs of the beneficiaries. 

The overall goals of HOPE are:

  • To assist the neglected poor in the developing world to help themselves.

  • To encourage development of the whole person.

  • To inform and educate peoples in the developed world regarding issues related to the developing world.

  • To motivate the peoples of the developed world to action in support of the developing world. to facilitate and provide a mechanism for active participation between the peoples of the developed world and the developing world.

Our Mission

HOPE UK’s principle focus is to support HOPE International Development Agency clean water projects and broader development work in Ethiopia. We do this by informing, involving, and investing effectively in sustainable community-based development projects that transform the lives of the poorest of the poor. 

Our association with HOPE International Development Agency facilitates compassionate giving and involvement that results in the poorest of the poor transforming their lives. 

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