Access to clean water acts as a catalyst for HOPE International Development Agency UK’s development work and its goal of supporting people’s desire to be free from a life of chronic poverty. 

Where there is little or no water, HOPE UK helps people find a water source that is clean and abundant. Where there is only unclean water, because the water comes from an inappropriate source or is unprotected at its source, HOPE UK helps people find either a new source that is clean and learn how to protect it, or protect the existing source, restoring its ability to provide clean water. 

When clean water is made available, people and their communities can prosper. The overall health of the population improves. Children are more likely to attend school.  Farmers can better cultivate their land and grow more food. Women can spend more time on income generating activities other than trekking 8 to 10 kms a day in search of water. 

In addition, to ensure that the benefits of clean water are fully realised, culturally sensitive hygiene education is provided in combination with a clean water system, establishing disease prevention initiatives that benefit everyone.

Clean water is a cornerstone of all of HOPE UK’s overseas project activities. 

Learn about some of our current and most recent projects in the communities of Alugude & DurbeMela GagulaKalebo Laka, Dorze Bela, Zazye, Torgoso, and Dallume Zela, in Southern Ethiopia.


Learn why clean water is so important


We are now raising money for clean water for families in Chano Dorga.