Work progresses in Chano Dorga

For many months now, HOPE staff have been facilitating the building of a life-changing water system for the village of Chano Dorga.  This is one of HOPE's largest projects to date, with the spring 14.3km away from the two new water tanks.   

As promised, the community has been very busy providing much of the labour required to build the 15 water points, 10 wash basins and dig the lengthy pipeline that will deliver the water from the newly capped springs to the community.  Initial training has taken place for the 53 water management association members that were elected at their first community meeting led by HOPE staff and 10 water caretakers are being also being trained on how to mend the water system when any potential problems emerge and regular maintenance is required.  This has got the whole community buzzing with energy about the upcoming changes that will revolutionise this village.  No longer will their arduous 3-4 hour walks for water be necessary and instead, children will have time to attend school and their parents will have time to earn needed money for their families.

In addition, 19 self-help groups have been formed and 380 women are now meeting regularly (in groups of 20 each) to save money, support one another and to receive training on starting their own small businesses.  Training days have been devoted to the themes of entrepreneurship, leadership and the essential principles of saving and lending money for small business start-ups.  

However, work is still ongoing before the exciting day when the new taps spread throughout the village will be turned on for the first time.  

ongoing reservioer 2.jpg
fenceed water point.jpg
onging spring 2.jpg
water point 2.jpg

After construction began, it became apparent that the second spring capping planned  to feed into this large system was going to be more complicated and time-consuming than expected.  This has required more specialist HOPE staff time and also has involved the local government in negotiating with the surrounding villages about obtaining access to that second spring for work to take place.  It is anticipated that the final 2 km of pipeline will be laid from that spring and the work completed within the next few weeks.

We look forward to passing on the good news that the water system is in full operation, being used by the community of 3,942 people, who profoundly know the difference that clean water will make to their daily lives and future!