Make a big difference by volunteering to raise funds for HOPE

HOPE International Development Agency UK is always keen for volunteers to assist with raising valuable funds that will make a difference abroad. Whether it is through sponsored events, hosting a gig or concert, or holding a coffee morning to raise money and awareness of our work, the funds will be directed to our current project in Ethiopia. The money raised will go a long way to bringing hope to a community in need of clean water. 

Every year there are numerous events run to help people raise money for good causes.  Could you undertake a sporty challenge to help HOPE raise more funds this year?  Perhaps it would help you get fit and would also raise awareness and generate donations for our next water project in Ethiopia.  For example, what about a Tandem Skydive?  Or a long-distance Cycle Ride?


Another idea is to participate in your own Run for H2O. This idea was kick-started by five men who ran in wind, rain and sunshine along the Cotswold Way, completing 51km (31.5 miles) on Saturday and another 42km (26.3 miles) on Sunday, ending immediately in front of Bath Abbey.  Whilst all regular participants in a Bristol running group, none of the men have run two ultra-marathons in two consecutive days previously, and designed the challenge for themselves as runners, but to generate funds for HOPE too.  “The damp conditions meant we saw a lot of water over many miles. This kept us focused on the cause, knowing the change and subsequent transformation that clean water will bring to that community is also utterly crazy, in a good way!!,” stated Sam who, like the other runners, sought sponsors for the 90km+ run. Together the collective money raised was over £16,000 for HOPE’s next water and sanitation project. For more information, about how a school got involved as well, click here.

Another example comes from Marcus Nicholls who completed the very impressive ‘Everesting’ Challenge to raise money for HOPE in June 2016. This feat involved cycling 8,848m (29,000 ft) uphill, the equivalent of climbing the height of Everest, and in Marcus’ case this meant climbing Windmill Hill in Bramham, West Yorkshire 292 times. This challenge took Marcus 22 hours and 44 minutes to complete! When asked “Why?”, the simple answer he gave was “Why not?”. Marcus is always up for a challenge, the more difficult, the better! Marcus' sponsors donated to HOPE's next water project and the publicity raised awareness of HOPE's work in Ethiopia.

If you would like do something similar and would like to set up a fundraising page so that your sponsors can donate using their credit or debit card, please click on the fundraise button below to automatically be transferred to our secure online payment service run by 


If you have other ideas on how you would like to help us, please email us at