HOPE UK Events

Currently we have no fundraising events in the diary for 2019.

Why not host an upcoming event and play a significant part of bringing clean water to families in Ethiopia?

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We can help

If you would like to host an event for HOPE, we can help provide ideas, support and more information.  Contact Julie at 07962 669 245 or juliec@hope-international.org.uk to discuss further. 

      'A Party with a Purpose'

For the past four years, Debbie and Alan Foster have hosted 'A Party with a Purpose', raising awareness and funds for HOPE's development work in Ethiopia. They approached a local band to provide live music, a local brewery for a donation of beer and cider and a well-known local restaurant for complementary pies. They then opened their home to numerous friends and neighbours. Everyone enjoyed themselves knowing their donations would bring much celebration in the next village that HOPE will be working with to bring clean water.

The donations for HOPE's work continued to trickle in long after the event, surpassing Debbie and Alan's expectations. These events have collectively raised nearly £2,500, bringing clean water to 7 families. "I’m amazed by our friends generosity. I'm totally blown away!", wrote Debbie.

To no one's surprise, 'Party with a Purpose' has now become a regular, annual event. Join us again next year!