Five local men from Bristol ran two ultra-marathons (90 km/56 miles in total) in two consecutive days along the Cotswolds Way to raise funds for clean water in a remote village in Ethiopia on 15 & 16 June 2019.  

One of these local runners, Ralph Davis, is also a teacher at St Bonaventure's RC Primary School and in early May he encouraged the pupils at the school to mirror his 90 km efforts by running the same distance collectively by class or year group for younger pupils.  The children rose to the challenge and raised an incredible £7,724 for the Zala Dola project (in cash and online donations, plus Giftaid).  "I showed the pupils a film about HOPE's work in Ethiopia so that they could understand and visualise what life without access to clean water looks like", said Ralph.  "So many kids left highly motivated to make a difference by raising at least £10 each to buy a metre of pipeline to deliver clean water to the Zala Dola village.  We were amazed watching the donations and support come in, setting a new school record for charitable fundraising."  

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One student who ran 3 km to raise money for clean water from sponsors was Lucas.  “I wanted to really help after seeing the film because I can turn on the tap at any time and drink clean, fresh water.  Everyone should be able to do that!”, he reported. 

Since hearing the news that a school in England raised funds so that their community might have clean water, the two schools and village leaders in Zala Dola gathered with HOPE staff to send a video message of thanks back to the pupils St Bonaventure’s (see video below). “We are all so happy and thankful that we can get clean water in this community, so thank you very much,” shared the School Director, Kanjera Kanko.  

Access to clean water means that children can attend school regularly and their parents can devote the added time they are not sourcing water, to earn necessary money for their families. We are grateful for everyone – young and old – who participated in Run for H2O and those who generously sponsored them. Clean water will transform this community, allowing them to help themselves out of poverty.

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Would you like to organise a Run for H2O for your school, community group, company or group of friends?

To discuss this idea further or other suggestions of how to raise funds for HOPE, please contact Julie, our UK Fundraiser.